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Default Roma Ribs

I made this for the first time recently, no recipe, just my own concoction. It was the best ribs I've ever cooked.

I used my heirloom pompeii romas, cut in half. I layed out the foil for the ribs, put down several roma halves, garlic, salt, and a little olive oil. The ribs got "tony cachere's" seasoning salt, regular cholula hot sauce, and also some chipolte cholula.

Wrap it up in foil and cook away. I used a charcoal grill, but an oven would work, too. The key is that the acid from the tomatoes will make the meat tender. I cooked the ribs for about ten minutes per side on a very hot grill, then moved them to the other side of the grill to cook some hamburgers. The foil makes it hard to cook them too long.

I'm going to try this idea for pork chops next. The acidity of tomato juice makes some very tender grilled meat.
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