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Originally Posted by habitat_gardener View Post
It leaks at the end, which is both where it was cut and where it connects to the next hose.
I've had that happen and sometimes it's because the end was cut unevenly. Check that too and re-cut or trim if needed. Also make sure the hose end is jammed up tightly against the rim of the fitting and that the clamp is as far up as it will go too and very tight.

Sometimes the clamps they come with are the guilty party, especially the clamshell type clamp where the two halves are screwed together. If that's the case, get a small radiator hose type clamp and try that.

I've found that Gilmour hose fix-its and most of their other products work well and are long lasting. There's always an exception but generally I've been satisfied even though their hose fix-its are a bit more expensive than the cheapies.
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