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I really don't want a gauge type as you have to have it tested every year but will probably have to go that route. There is no where to do that testing as this very urban area where canning seems to have gone the way of the dinosaur.

All-american says not to use it on a glass-top stove (which I have).

Mirro, which has the weight thing which I prefer because you don't have to have it tested. also says not to use on glass-top stove.

That leaves only Presto , the only make that says it is OK on my kind of stove but it has the gauge.

I do have a big camp stove (gas) --so if I wanted to do it all outside I could get any of the above I guess.

GRUNGY, what do you mean by a bell gauge and that you have to be right on top of it? DO you have to stay by the stove and check it all the time?

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