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Default all american allllll the way


about 10 yrs ago a friend of mine gave me her old canner an old all american canner. It was so big with its clamps. Just sitting there on the counter like an evil beast. Soo I said good ness girl your scared of a hunk of metal. The canner set on my counter for about two week with me just staring at it. Then I finally gave it a try. I could can huge amounts of food in it with its double layer. Well about 5 years ago I bought a smaller all american canner single layer type. This last year I canned over 700 jars of food in my all american canner. I even can my tomatoes in my canner no water bath for me. I use the recipe via the newer all american canner booklet that came with my single layer canner. It works for me and I love my all american canner

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