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Originally Posted by Father'sDaughter View Post
My plants are just about done, mostly due to neglect over the last month now that I'm back to working full time and it's dark by the time I get home from the office.

I had 27 plants with 23 grafted onto DRO141TX, 3 onto RST-04-106-T, and one un-grafted.

The un-grafted plant and the three on RST struggled all year and were the first to fall. I'm taking this as my proof that I do have Verticillium as RST is not V resistant, but DRO is.

The rest on the DRO did great until I had to stop paying attention to them.

Last year I did not graft and averaged a pitiful >3/4 of a pound per plant. With grafting this year, I have averaged almost 3 1/4 pounds per plant with a few viable fruit still hanging on a couple of plants.

Next year they are all going onto DRO rootstock.

Huh. I'm sure the level of resistance can vary from rootstock to rootstock but it looks like RST is resistant to everything DRO is plus RST is resistant to fusarium race 3 & bacterial wilt.

Good to know - may try DRO from Johnny's this next year.
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