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Originally Posted by b54red View Post
I grew out two old ones that have never before done anything in my garden due to fusarium so I grafted them and they were wonderful. Both Kentucky Wonder and 1884 produced well and made big tasty tomatoes. I will definitely be growing more of them next year if my grafts take.

I use RST-04-106-T for most of my plants because I get great results with most varieties grafted to it. There are a few exception that don't do as well on the RST root stock and those I use Estamino root stock. One massive advantage of the RST root stock for me is I have not had a single case of bacterial wilt on any grafts using it for three years.

Hey Bill! Never tried Kentucky wonder but i have grown both 1884 and 1884 Purple.. they are amazing producers. I did get my seeds from Heritage Seeds awhile back and they were awesome tomatoes. I might have to buy some new grafting clips this year the ones I've used for the past 3 years are starting to fall apart. Getting eager to start some plants already but its just to early start. Probably around Nov. I might have to also upgrade my indoor lighting setup with LED's been using cfl's forever.
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