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Originally Posted by derden View Post
Hi! I have tomato seedlings growing, and I plan on transplanting them into planters on my patio in New York City this summer. 2 summers ago I grew determinate tomatoes, and it went ok. I'm now researching planters and cages, and am trying to decide what kind of planter is best. My considerations are:
  1. Reasonably cheap, which limits me to plastic/resin or fabric planters.
  2. Not DIY - I don't have the space or tools to build something, unfortunately
  3. Large - 20 gallons or 20" diameter, for indeterminate tomatoes.
  4. Can support a cage or support (looking at the Titan cage or Tomato ladder here:
I like the look of fabric containers (smartpots is the brand), but am worried about people saying that they need extra-frequent watering. I am okay with watering every day, but if it needs to be watered 3x/day, that can get challenging. I've also heard that earthbox is good.

Looking forward to hearing from all the experts in this forum! thanks in advance
In reference to your comment about watering, I can tell you my experience using 15 gal. fabric grow bags filled with ProMix BX as the growing medium requires watering twice a day in the months of July & August for my N.E. Ohio summer growing conditions.

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