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Default Smagedage 2010 Tomato Tasting in Toftegaard (Copenhagen)

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Thanks to DanishGardener for suggesting I attend the Gartneri Toftegaard Smagedage (tasting day) in Køge. The event was September 5, 2010 from 1pm-4:30pm.

I'm glad to finally post my photos from Smagedage 2010. I know it was almost 2 months ago but I've been rather backlogged on different projects.

I took the S-Train down to Køge (a 40 minute ride south of Copenhagen) with my bike and rode 7km down to the event. It was a beautiful sunny day and made for a nice bike ride.

Got to the event and there were hundreds of people there to taste tomatoes and peppers. I don't speak Danish, so I didn't go through the tour. I did get to walk around the greenhouse with the thousands of tomato, pepper, eggplant, ground cherries, and other plants. The tomato plants were grown 4 in each 20kg bag of compost and grown up strings.

The medium and large tomatoes didn't blow me away flavor-wise, perhaps due to cool temperatures late in the summer just before the event, and being grown in a greenhouse. I mean, Brandywine was merely average to me. However Sungold and Black Cherry were fantastic and exactly what I expected.

Smagedage 2010 near Køge, Denmark [178 Photos]

Smagedage 2010 near Køge, Denmark [178 Photos]

I bought a few tomatoes to take home, but my favorites by far were the Black Cherry or Sungold. I didn't taste the peppers as they were just raw. I did enjoy the BBQ ribs being served up. Hope you like the pictures!
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