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Default What causes jalapenos to split?

Second year on this mammoth jalapeno plant (potted). It took a while to get going since I trimmed it back hard last year, but it did come back and is now producing very well.

Two things: The peps started off small, so I started fertilizing with Miracle Gro -- not very aggressively, but with about 1 Tbsp in 2 gal, distributed among everyone once a week or so. The peps are growing to a nice size now.

But, many have a vertical split from near stem to near tail. They have healed over and few, if any, of the internals have been affected. I've never seen this before. What causes it? As an aside, while I am getting red on them, and a little sunburn on a few, I see next to no corking.

Generally, I don't water on a schedule but depend on the plant to tell me when it's dry, which, depending on the weather, can be as often as once a day.


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