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Originally Posted by habitat_gardener View Post
I wonder if Thunbergia alata would do well in your area -- black-eyed susan vine. It's eye-catching, especially if no one else is growing it. I've seen the deep orange ones grown as perennial vines here, but in cold-winter areas it'd probably be grown as an annual and might work in hanging baskets. When I looked it up just now, I found it comes in lots of colors. Supposed to be easy from seed; haven't grown it myself.
It grows extremely easy from seed and very quickly. Mine covered a whole wall in my garden, 6 ft and still grew so I had to hack it back. In fact I got so tired of it that I got rid of it but I do miss it now, esp since no one else is growing it around here, and it was pretty. I just never liked orange flowers LOL.I've seen them in white and cream also.
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