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LOL! Because turnips are so easy to grow, and I have a ton of seed and I can replant at any time, I'm just experimenting to see if they can be saved. Call it putter time. The whole thing is a learning exercise.

I've read before about laying something over carrot seed during hot weather to help germination since carrot seed takes a while and they can dry out. But I've never tried the method so I've tried it first with the turnips. Lesson learned... keep checking for first signs of germination or you'll get leggy seedlings!

We haven't been quite as hot as you, just upper 90's that will be down to low 90's this week. Maybe a few high 80's over the weekend. Still no rain in sight. This morning I noticed that the big crape myrtles (tree size) are half bare and continue to drop leaves in the drought.

Fortunately no white flies this year although they've been a problem now and then in past years.

I've also noticed the disappearance of the black swallowtail and tiger swallowtail butterflies. Having fulfilled their mission in life, I'm guessing they've gone off to their final reward. And I haven't seen a hummer at the feeder in 10 days. I'll keep one up a while longer though, until mid October.

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