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Fall up north here is a little different. The pawpaw harvest has just started. My apples are always very late, so probably beginning of October. Sunflowers put in in July are starting to bloom. Tomatoes put in a month or two late are beginning to produce. I'll get enough to taste them, & evaluate them for future years.

Tomatoes put in in May are either: 1.)dead of disease (most of my F3's, PBTD, Danube, Fish Lake Oxheart, Hardin's Mini, Bajaja, Maglia Rosa, Ramallet Santa Maria, & Colgar 100), 2.)struggling to make a few more(Dark Galaxy, New Big Dwarf, Butter Apple, some F3's), or 3.)chugging away producing mercilessly(Velvet Red, Post Office Spoonful, Sungold). The Bishop's Cap hot peppers are also in the ragingly productive category. They'll surely go till frost. I have two Romanesco broccoli that are refusing to head up.

And, of course, I'm well on my way to planning next year's garden...
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