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Last evening Pickles helped me get the shade cover on the four brassica beds. It's just the lightweight frost cover with the sides up. It's 94 right now and I just checked on the plants. It looks like that bit of shade (and a lot of leaf mulch) is doing the job. We got it on just in time as we'll have upper 90's for the rest of the week.

Three of the beds:

The bush beans are holding up without cover.

I just sowed turnip seed last evening. The 4" soil temp was 92 so I hoed a trench and filled it with water several times. Then I pulled the soil back in, sowed the seed and watered again. Soil temp at 4" was now 85 but no doubt surface temp is a lot higher. This evening I think I'll water the row again and lay dampened newspaper sections over the seed row for two or three days until I see seeds popping. It's something I've never tried but turnip seed is cheap at the feed 'n weed!
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