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Originally Posted by stevenkh1 View Post
Its sorts leads back to he Acme thread and a brief exchange by Craig and I that many of the vanity tomato varieties of today(for a lack of a better term eg, Aunt Ginny's, etc) just might be different strains of these original tomatoes from the 1800s/early 1900s whos real names are long lost. And Craig kinda touched on it with this thread: is Brandywine Pink actually Mikado?

Personally, I think Craig is right.
I have never been one to conclude that Brandywine (pink) originated in Ohio. I don't have time to go back and read this whole thread where perhaps Craig got seeds for Mikado from the USDA and shared them with me and it did not resemble BW at all.

There have been many claiments to the original BW from Johnson and Stokes, Burpee and I can't remember all the others.

In my faves I have a lithographic picture of what was called brandywine which turned out to be Red Brandywine ( Chester CO, PA, 1865).

I do know that the hype for growing Brandywine and the history started pretty much when the Sudduth/Quisenberry one became available and also in the Legacy Forum Ben Quisenberrys nephew appeared and talked about his father and his viewpoint. He called him papaberry.

And I do know that unlike many others that I don't consider BW to be the epitome of taste , yes, it has a distinctive kind of winey taste, and yes, I've grown lots of so called strains of it, but there are others that I think have a unique taste as well.

First Brandywine

And then the Sudduth/Quisenberry one Where origin is placed in TN, not Ohio

I think I counted something like 14 different pages at Tania's site for different Brandywine ones, said to be different strains by some, which then led us to to have a long thread about WHAT a strain meant here at TV and there are two different reasons why some of us see the word strain to be confusing,_Sudduth%27s

Ah, sweet mystery of life, etc.

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