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Almost everything I cook that traditionally calls for bacon or tomato juice.
I now use hog jowl and low sodium V8 juice.
Plus I add skinned red sweet peppers and Hungarian paprika.

Imagine the tomato gravy as stated above but with the exception of this.
Dice up hog jowl to 1/4 inch and fry.
Set some aside and cut into long strips 1/2 inch thick.

After the cubed jowl is cooked take out and set aside.
Put in the strips of jowl and fry till crisp then set aside.

Put in flour and make a roux.
Add diced tomatoes and V8 juice.
Cook till halfway thick.
Add 1/2 cup of striped peppers, cubed jowl and 2 table spoons of paprika.
Cook till thickened.

During all of this you have been cooking pork schnitzel.

After it is all complete put the gravy on the schnitzel and the strips of jowl on top.

What you will have is a Hungarian/German dish with a southern twist.

Serve with green beans, new potatoes and a gallon of beer.

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