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Originally Posted by simmran1 View Post
A source for Earl of Edgecombe seeds would be here:

Casey's also lists JD special C-Tex for those interested.
Jeff I know well and just sent him off a few varieties he wanted and a couple of surprises.

There are many places where seeds for Earl of Edgecombe can be bought and TGS and Sandhill Preservation come to mind without my doing a google search.

BTW, I think Jeff does a wonderful job with his tomatoes as well as having accurate tomato descriptions. TGS and Victory and Sandhill are also good with descriptions, I think. And pretty soon all the 400 or so varieties at Sandhill will have the basic info on plant habit, leaf form and other traits, hopefully in 2010 since the 2009 catalog is being printed as we speak and most of the website has been updated, but not all.
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