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I love my Craftsman all rubber hose. Stays out in the harsh weather without getting stiff. It is heavy but the flexibility makes the weight less of an issue. I have it attached to an area that is flat which also contributes to the ease of use.

Having said that , last week I bought two scrunch up hoses on clearance from Wal Mart and I can't belive how easy they are to attach and move around. Yes, it has to fully fill up for a minute or so to get it unfurled in the right spot. So, so easy to move around. They have only one star for reliability but I'm still going to get a spare pair for next year.

Home Depot has a one day sale today only on a scrunch hose by Sun Joe.They also sell that brand in the half inch lighweight hose but not included in this sale. Maybe next year for me.

- Lisa
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