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Well, I checked and I have been using a 100' 5/8" hose. I will measure the distance from my house to my garden, but I am pretty sure I don't need that full length. If I do, I only need it for the back, and I can go shorter for the front. I will measure. I might try just replacing the the front with a shorter, better quality hose and see how it goes. I would like to be able water the lawn faster so I can get more area covered. Right now I can't usually get the entire front yard watered in one day. I don't worry as much about the back yard, but I like the front yard to look nice.

That is a pretty bad video about the mean green hose. The Eley hose looks good, but I will do some more research on that one, too. It could be that the quality of the Mean Green hose has declined since JoParrott bought one.
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