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Fried sweet peppers, any variety, adds a great flavor to sauce. I have 1" pieces frozen from last summer that I defrost, chop and sauté in olive oil. Minced onions will sweeten the sauce, I don't eat sugar by choice but I bet that'd really change the flavor!
Crushed fennel seeds also add a spicy licorice flavor, cook with the peppers and onions.
I usually crush garlic and fry it with the peppers/onions BUT I now think that adding the crushed garlic when the sauce is done really allows the garlic to remain strong and distinct, I like that. Frying the garlic removes the volatile oils and makes it too mild. I've heard that in Italy they use some garlic but prefer to not have it over power the food, that surprised me.
And lastly, add red wine when the sauce is just about done. I use Burgundy, about 4 oz for a 28 oz can of tomato puree or crushed tomatoes.
I use bay leaf, oregano, basil (all dried) but without peppers, raw garlic vs cooked and red wine my sauce was missing something too.
OH, btw, I know this sounds crazy but use 1 piece of clove per 28 oz can of tomatoes. The same clove used to stud a baked ham, the flavor is amazing! Now I just told the world the real secret!
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