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For me my problem is a tomato that tastes great fresh, at least to me, makes a terrible sauce, it's way too sweet for one thing. I guess I tend to like sweet when fresh, but I hate sweet tomato sauces. I find the paste extremely tasty in sauce. Leagues ahead of fresh eating tomatoes. It all comes down to taste buds.

Tash11 mentions apple cider. You can use any apple, but the best ciders use cider apples. These are usually mushy fresh, and not that good, some exceptions though. I feel tomatoes are the same. Many comments on the blandness of paste tomatoes, yet we have hundreds of varieties for a reason, and that reason is sauce.
Backyardfarm you mention making sauce with Sungolds. I did that too, and I would describe it as the worst tomato sauce I ever tasted. We all are obviously extremely different in what we consider good.

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