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I agree that any tomato can go in the pot, but when you grow true paste tomatoes, the job is a lot easier. It's a lot of work making sauce. I just started trying various paste tomatoes. So I'm sure many good ones are out there. BTW Amish paste is not really a paste tomato. Romeo was excellent, big, productive, very dry, perfect for sauce. Opalka too is excellent. Not as big fairly productive. Some report problems with BER. Polish Linguisa is late ripening and came into production when the others were slowing down. So that was nice to have too. That's it for me. All others I tried, failed to be productive, were small, or didn't meet my needs. Dozens and dozens yet to try too. This year I'm growing mostly eating tomatoes. next year I'll grow sauce and pastes again. Starting late this year too as my light space is occupied by other plants this winter.
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