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Yup. Time to clean out the freezer. I just harvested 10lbs of rhubarb and still have some frozen along with some horseradish roots, berries, etc.

Two big packs of heirloom slices and a couple smaller packs i add to soups.
It's 50 and cool here and only 70 by afternoon for a few weeks ahead it seems.
Gazpacho, an oven roasted garlicy sauce, spicy tom juice w/celery leaves and horseradish, and a bbq sauce is on the menu. I use rhubarb in my bbq. Smoked a
couple chickens last weekend but have been out of bbq sauce for some time now.

In the heat of Aug-Sept during harvest i put the crock pot outside the kitchen on the deck on a work table under the eaves.
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