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I follow a similar routine as peebee.

I dump the used potting mix and from there I treat it like a compost pile. I add food scraps, leaves and non-diseased garden waste in it, turn it and add water. I am not very vigilant with making sure the the "pile" is hot or that I turn it and water it at proper intervals. Currently I store the used stuff in a giant bag, it is not a construction bag but close to it and a large garbage can (the curbside type) that I drilled holes in.

Then when I use it I tend to use it as the bottom layer in pots.

If it is a plant that does not require high quality growing medium, I may fill the entire container with the re-used medium.

At this time I only have one raised bed and I also mix the re-used stuff with the native soil.

Sometimes I sift the mix, I use a kitty litter sifter.

If you want to use all of the potting mix from a previous season I would follow what akgardengirl stated which is to amend the used potting mix with quality compost and, if needed, add perlite for drainage aeration.
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