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There are two Mr. Stripey's. One is a small English variety, also known as Tigerella, that I don't have any familiarity with.
The larger Mr. Stripey is a beefsteak type that I had my first taste of quite a few years back when a friend brought me over some tomatoes to try. It was close to a lb in size, but I didn't weigh it. It was the best tasting of the half dozen or so that he had brought over. It had good texture and a well balanced taste. Although it was yellow and red it didn't taste any different than any other red or pink tomato that was average or above.
I planted 8 of them the following year. The plants grew well. Very full, lush green and tall. Very healthy looking. I couldn't wait till the large green fruits began to ripen.
Finally they began to set color and my anticipation increased with their enlargeing size. You can't imagine my disappointment when I finally got to taste my first one. It was bland and watery, the texture was mushy. Nothing like what I remembered from the year before.
Then I discovered that my friend never waters his garden...ever! What ever mother nature delivers in rain is it. I cut back on watering those plants and began to see an improvement in both taste and texture. All 8 plants were soon producing much better tasting tomatoes and the texture improved drasticly.
I grew them again the following year but they soon fell from favor for their were many better tasting tomatoes to take their place. I haven't grown them in years now, but they do produce very well and are of good size...just don't overwater them or give them as much water as other varieties. The only other tomato I've grown that seems to do better with less water is Kellogg's Breakfast, which also has a mushiness if watered too much.
I hope yours do well for you and that you have a great season before you!
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