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Default Organic container mix

For the last couple of years we have been experimenting with organic twists on container growing. My real business is a retail GH where we sell flowers, trees, shrubs, perennials, garden starts, etc, etc. Many of my customers are inclined to lean organic for whatever reason. There are many they tell me about. With that all said, we have been working with the Down To Earth line. We made a general use out of Bloodmeal- Feather Meal, (N) Fish Bone Meal (P) (Ca), Langbenite (K) (MgSO4) and Azomite- trace elements/ micro elements.

We did the mix in raised beds with composted dirt- follow directions, set up bed, as well as containers of various blends including straight pro mix.

The raised beds were awesome, fantastic production, containers, eehh, ho-hum, we need to work on those.

Who else has, and is, fiddling with similar fertilizers? What are your feed rates and results?
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