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Default GH raised beds - soil test results

March 2016 constructed greenhouse (heated, poly plastic covering) then built 30 ft x 5 ft raised beds on each side with a 5 ft walkway.

Heavy clay native soil. I filed each raised bed with ~1/2 compost (the City gives it away for free) and 1/2 sandy loam top soil from Northeast Nebr.

After a disappointing harvest last yr due to a variety of factors (new to GH growing, possible herb. contamination in compost, ect...) I decided to test soil last week. Results provided below.

I calculated total raised bed area to be 30 ft x 10 ft = 300 sq ft = 0.00688705 acres. Nutrient guideline says to apply 55 lbs / acre of Nitrogen.
To scale that down, I assume it's 55 * 0.00688705 = 0.38 lbs for entire GH ?

Same for Gypsum, recommendation is 355 lbs / acre.
355 * 0.00688705 = 2.44 lbs for entire GH

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