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Default Okra lovers, New Bush Longhorn Okra

I just got home from visiting an old retired soybean farmer, his new hobby is breeding plants and here's the one he's selling.

I'm glad he still had plants in the ground because I would've never believed it from the pic I saw. These things are a beast of a plant and high producer. I know most okra will branch out if planted with room but this is just crazy growth. Notice how close the nodes are on the plant, every one of those has produced an okra pod.

He's selling seeds if anybody wants some. Mark Menard 337-224-3287. These should be available in a season or two from seed suppliers. He had a few orders of 30# of seed to go to a few nurseries in other states.

I don't have anything to do with him, I'm just passing it along. I first saw it on Facebook.

Here's a few pics.
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