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I use a 5 gallon bucket and mostly fill it with rain water or city water that I let sit overnight. I use 2 cups of worm castings and have put in the paint strainer bag and let it hang from the side. The last time I made worm tea, I just dumped the castings it in the bottom.

I've never thought of putting the stone in the bag; that would certainly circulate the air at the source. I will try the extra stones; I have 2 sockets on my pump and lots of extra line.

Do you all buy your castings? I have a worm inn kept in an unused shower in our house.

For several months now, I've just been making Stump Tea which gives me lots of foam. We have an HTGsupply store in our town and on Tuesdays they give free Stump Tea and on Thursdays they give away Veg Boost. I ended up getting the Stump Tea mix and just making my own.
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