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hello everyone, i have been gone awhile, but i thought i would chime in here....i use my all american pressure canner to jar meat.
i go to sams and buy the chuck butt or maybe it's called the chuck's a very large cut of meat, it costs about $45, i cut it in big chunks about the size of a pint jar.... i put a
1/4 teaspoon of salt, and a 1/8 teaspoon of pepper, put the lids on and in the pressure canner for 90 min.
one pint jar holds about one pound of meat. first time i did it, i trimmed the fat off, i like to leave the it great flavor.
i get about 20-22 pints from that large cut of meat.

we use it for the worlds greatest beef sandwiches... heat 1 jar of beef in a pan on the stovetop ..toast some hoggies, put your favorite cheese, and i love horseradish, and caremalized onions....when you put the meat on the toast, be sure to spoon some of the (juice from the meat) au jue over the whole thing, or dip the bread quickly in the juice.
i love my pressure canner!
you can also roast vegetables in the oven and add meat on the side, but once again, don't forget to drizzle the juice over the vegatables when you serve.

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