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The active SVG eyes popped as soon as I planted them in a 1020 tray with soil, watered them, and put them back under lights. Some of them got moldy rather fast, so in the future I will not put a clear tray on top for 4 days. Sprouts are about 4" tall and leafy, so cuttings will be taken any day now. I might try rooting a few in water- it works well for some other plants. Glad to hear you got some secondary sprouts, Wendy.

I checked on my 1st year TPS tubers in storage in the root cellar last week. Most of them look good, I am overall pleased. The purple valley (I think.... anyway it was one of the dark ones- they are all labeled but I was pressed for time) had a bunch of sprouts 4-6" long on mostly large marble size tubers, but they are not shriveled. They might not always be so early to sprout- the plants died down early last year, so they were probably dormant for 4 or 5 months.
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