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Default BLT Rules

1. Bread must be white, but of a dense homemade style, and should bring some flavor to the party.
2. Bread must be lightly toasted. Enough to crisp the sides and color the edges, not enough to make it crumble when you take a bite.
3. Spread must be full-fat Hellmans. For those who are dieting (as I have been since I was 17): The key is choosing quality over quantity. One good BLT and ten salads is better than ten bad BLTs.
4. Spread goes on both pieces of bread to prevent sogginess, but thickness of spread is a matter of personal taste.
5. Bacon must be thick-cut and chewy-crisp. There IS such a thing as too much bacon, but the rules do not specify how much is too much. That's a private matter between each sandwichmaker and his or her physician. Turkey bacon or veggie bacon is allowed for those with religious, medical, or ethical issues.
6. Lettuce must be iceberg, the juicy greenish-white parts, not the bitter all-white parts or thin dryish all-green parts. Several layers is called for.
7. Tomato must be at least 1/2" thick and MUST BE sandwich-sized. Color of tomato is left to the individual.
8. Correct layering is: bread, spread, tomato, bacon, lettuce, spread, bread. This is because bread and bacon will both provide some friction, while tomato provides little and lettuce almost none. Tomato against lettuce will always result in slippage and therefore is not recommended.

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