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Grub's Insalata Caprese
posted by Grub at a previous recipe place

Just got back from this really flash boat. Onboard was an Italian chef. He started with some hors d'ouvres. I thought his finger-food take on Insalata Caprese was simply brilliant. So next time you have a surplus of cherry tomatoes, give this some thought. Imagine how
decorative it would look if you used different coloured cherries.

1. Cut cherry tomato in half.
2. Thread half one cherry tomato onto toothpick, cut side facing inwards.
3. Thread small round of buffalo mozzarella slightly smaller than the diameter of the cherry tomato onto toothpick.
4. Thread remaining half of cherry tomato onto toothpick cut side facing in, forming a little red-white-red tomato sandwich.
5. Assemble in a circle around a white place. Sprinkling with finely sliced fresh basil, sprinkle with extra-virgin olive oil, salt flakes and fresh-cracked black pepper.

Served with a little napkin.

With a flute of French champagne at anchor these little insalata shooters went down a treat. A great idea for entertaining. I'm going to make a platter as Christmas hors d'oeuvres.

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