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Originally Posted by MissS View Post
I just received another perfect order from Dale. What a great guy! He is friendly, speedy and very efficient. There is absolutely not one thing to complain about!

Thanks Dale!
I couldn't agree more about Dale and his fantastic lists of varieties and how reasonable they are and how quickly he processes orders and also answers e mails sent to him,since he gives a link at his website for that em addy..

When he moved to Utah it was hard starting all over again,but he did.

Currently he lists something like over 400 varieties of tomatoes in the 2017 SSE Annual Yearbook, and he grows much more than just tomatoes as well.

And also still hangs out at the BIG Pumpkin site with the big tomato folks since Dale also has a section at his website that's all about big ones.When I was last at his site I went there to see if he was listing a particular variety someone wanted but couldn't find elsewhere,but couldn't find the place where the BIG tomatoes are listed,my fault,not his.

Sometimes I read too fast at a site, strictly my problem.

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