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Originally Posted by gssgarden View Post
How does all this work?

here is a link to the main thread from last year.

That will give you a good idea of how it works. Keep an eye out for the MMM Swap threads for 2017 in the Discussion section. Takes along time to get everything set up, so have patience. Actual swap really doesn't start off until sometime in Oct.

This thread only folks that want a peek at goodies coming in look here. Lots of folks want to be surprised, so keep your eye on the 2017 threads. Swap has tomatoes, peppers, loads of beans and some other things too. Get you pen and paper and start making your Wish list.

If you don't have enough seed for a certain category, ask, there usually plenty of folks around to sponsor other folks.

Just ask questions in the regular threads and folks will help you along.
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