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I'm working on the inventory of left-overs from the last swap. I'll start with a small category...Blue.

Numbers after the variety are how few packs ( ), or seeds, I have.

Amethyst Cream
Amethyst Jewel (3)
Black Beauty 3 seeds
Black Dragon 2 seeds
Blue Ambrosia (Square Pear variant) ~F3 (3)
Blue Beauty
Blue Chocolate (2)
Blue Sky
Blue Streak (1)
Blue Suede-uth Shoes F3 (5)
Blue Tears
Bosque Bumblebee
Dancing With Smurfs
Fuzzy Wuzzy 4 seeds
Gargamel (1)
Helsing ★★★★★★★★ Blues
Indigo Blueberries
Indigo Cherry Drops
Indigo Kumquat F2 (1)
Indigo Rose (3)
Indigo Sun (1)
Lucid Gem (4)
P20 (2011 ) (1)
Sgt Peppers F7 (2)
Wagner Blue Green (1)
Wooly Blue Jay

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