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Originally Posted by jmsieglaff View Post
I ordered some seeds from Delectation of Tomatoes ( Dale, the owner, was very speedy and included a freebie that I'm excited to try sometime! With a selection of nearly 1500 tomatoes and the friendly, fast service, I'd highly recommend buying from him!
Recently I was loooking for a variety for someone and ended up finding it at Dales website and I posted that to that person. After doing that I went back to his site and reviewed his long list of available ones and got back to him with a few comments about some of them.

He thanked me for doing that in a very long em that I still have to answer.

What I didn't know at first is that his user name is seamfaster , which he posts at his site and he's a registered member here and at two other places and also a listed SSE member.

No need to contact him here at all,just go directly to his website as noted above.

And I will get back to him b'c I was surprised to find that he was also offering ones in the 2-3lb range,one of his primary interests is growing competition size ones and I looked at that section as well,

So when I get back to him I will give him a list of ones in the 2-3 # range that have great taste and that b;c he can then cross them with his competition ones to introduce some taste, as he has been doing.

So yes, I also suggest that others here take a look at his site and I think you'll like what you see,

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