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UPDATE for 2018

Soils were just stocked at Costco this weekend.

For inground, Whitney Farms is back.

Miracle Gro Organic in the white bag is back too. I have two huge bales of Pro Mix in the garage, but caved for the convenience of a 55 quart bag for $9.99, MISTAKE !!!

Yes, it is heavy and dense and not a speck of perlite, but I knew that was the case.
I brought one bag straight in to my potting area aka dining room table.No problems really, other than the density of the product itself..
Went out to the bag in the garage to fill my earthbox jr for indoor spinach. FOUL SMELL. SO lucky this wasn't the bag I brought inside. Now I have concerns eating the stuff that I already planted in this. Should have known better than expect a consistent quality product from MG. What a mess to store and return an opened bag.

I was thinking of adding new pots outside if I could full up 5 gal buckets this season for cheap. Approach with caution if you pot up indoors. Go the extra mile for something better and a few more $$$.

- Lisa

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