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Jetstar is not a shining star this year. I re-visited this grower two weeks ago and this week. He is not going to have many tomatoes to sell. The weather (hot) is holding down production. He grew tons last year and sold out.

His method is to grow 150 plants in one section and plant another 150 plants in another section two weeks later. They are presently very small and the foliage is extremely sparse. The plants were barely to my hip for the early section and the later planting looked like my transplants at 8 weeks would look. I could see through the entire field just standing there. There was a green tomato here and there - some plants had none. He took it in stride. We are all having diminished tomato production. He has other produce to sell which is a saving grace for him.

- Lisa

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Univ of Neb recommends this as one of their preferred varieties for my area. They also describe it a lower acid, which contradicts other research that pegs most tomatoes as similar in acidity.

I have grown it, typical looking uniform hybrid and no where near 6 feet for me - closer to 4-5. The market grower/neighbor near my partners acreage has hundreds of Jetstar plants, and it is the only variety he grows. He starts them late in his small greenhouse, and I always have earlier varieties. He has customers that come from everywhere for them. To each his own , they are not that awesome that I would go out of my way for his special tomato LOL. It will be a money maker for you, no worries on that.

- Lisa
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