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Originally Posted by mensplace View Post
Starting very late this year, but still have well into October to see what I can do This year. My existing plants are still doing well, but nothing ripe so far. As usual Carolyn has raised my interest; this time on the Jetstar and Supersonic. I remember years ago when supersonic came out, but nobody bought the plants. Most at the nursery stuck with Bigboy or Rutgers back then.

Anybody have a cutting of the two they could spare? Would gladly pay the shipping to GA.. This will probably be my last year, but would now be interested in comparing the two. If not, no problem. I searched everywhere at the standard distributers of Bonnie Plants earlier for Jetstar but no luck. Now, the mention of Supersonic vs Jetstar sounds like a fun effort.
My plants of Jetstar are sort of just sitting there right now, too small yet for taking any cuttings, but if later you want a few, remind me and I'll send them to you.
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