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Originally Posted by MrsJustice View Post
Hello Tomatoman, How are you doing Graig!!!!
How is the heat situation in North Carolina.

I have found in my travels over the United States with my Husband shows mostly People and Families from:Canada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Hawaii have a "Spiritual Family involved Love for Farming' with a Proud Country Hospitalital Spirit. I learned that kind of Love as a child in New Jersey from the Catholic Church in New Jersey. We have helped a Homeless Family the last 2 weeks trying to give back the Love that was given to me and my Family at their age
with a small kid. That Homeless man and wife wants to help on the Farm as they called today to say Thank You. .

What would you do Graig?
May God Bless you and my Garden, Amen
MrsJustice as Farmer Joyce Beggs

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