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Originally Posted by GoDawgs View Post
I did stop at the feed & seed yesterday to see about alfalfa meal or pellets. The pellets came in a 50 lb bag only, too much for just a trial run. But the meal was 50 cents/lb so I got 5 lbs.

Once I pull the last beans from that newly infected bed, I will begin applying the alfalfa meal to the bed and then plant beans there again in the fall.
I apply alfalfa pellets to my beds every season in my bed prep stage along with cottonseed meal, compost and chicken manure. Alfalfa is a fairly good long term fertilizer but you need to wait a bit after mixing a fair amount in your bed before planting to give it time to start breaking down. I don't know that it helps much with RKN or not since I have been applying it regularly for at least a decade or more and still have nematodes. I don't think they are as bad as they used to be and maybe the alfalfa is partially responsible for that. If it is then you should just go ahead and buy the big bag of pellets since they are much cheaper usually and they are easier to handle especially on windy days.

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