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It has been really dry here for several years. hardly any Summer rain. sometimes not even much snow either. we can water but that doesn't compare to rain. we don't seem to have the soil-borne issues probably due to the extreme cold and the high humus or even the clay in our soils. I think I need to invest in some serious nematodes though. I am so tired of the insect pressure. We still have cucumber beetles on all the plants. zucchinis, beans, squash blossoms, peppers etc.. anything out there you can find them on. the aphids are terrible. I have already pulled one crop of cucumbers out and ready to pull the last one. the ahpids and cucmber beetles are destroying any chance of a harvest, cut worms.. still coming out of the soil to the tomatoes... grr. I think I need to order a couple million dollars worth of nematodes.
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