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Here it is over 3 years later since I started growing the Biker Billy Jalapenos indoors in a 15 gallon pot.... 1 of the the 3 plants died last year, but the other two are still growing strong. They look scraggly and I am very neglectful of them. They are lucky to get watered weekly. Sunlight by the window is all they have have.
Let me tell you something... these gosh darnoodley peppers, in the past 6 months, are the hottest jalepenos I've ever eaten (I'd estimate 50K scovilles)... going into year 4 with indoor plants and I am amazed. The yield is low when I don't pay attention to them (about a dozen peppers/month). When I coddle them, I can double that, but I really don't need to for my daily use.
I've never had to wipe my eyes after eating a jalapeno before, but going into year 4 with the same plants, these are putting out some serious heat.

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