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Bottom water only. I want my roots to reach down. Especially once i've potted up.
I'm a slob. But my seedling room is tidy-ish. If it gets chaotic it becomes unmanageable
once I'm off and running come warmer weather with seedlings everywhere.

I am officially in all 1010 trays. Started that a few years ago. No more red cups. I cut all my
1020 small cell trays in half to fit the 1010. Nine 4inch pots fit in a 1010. Sixteen 2and1/2inch

All my grow lights are fixed. Two 4ft shelves at 8inches to the lights. Two shelves at 16inches.
I just raise my trays. Better use of space. No fussing with chains. All my trays/seedlings are
at different grow heights.

I grow all winter so I need organization. Otherwise is is no longer much fun.
1010 trays I can spin one quarter, or pull it down to check, shake for gnats...check for water.
Right now I have 3 trays going. One is dwarf/micros, one is cherries, one an Artsy dwarf hunt.
A fourth is all salads and greens. (needs potting up). Next 1010 will be indeterminates. 1010's
let me spread out the seeding chore. I can do a flat at the dining table and water in the kitchen
sink being just 10x10 inches. Easy to cary one handed and open a door with the other.
(dropping a 1020 tray after all that work labeling is not funny).
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