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Originally Posted by bower View Post
I also top water, figure that overwatering is a bigger risk with bottom water. Also it's messy/splashy at least the way I've seen it done at the farm. Not ideal for indoors, for me the wobbly waiter.

Linda I got a little watering can from Dollarama which is great. It has a long spout and I can water everything individually without raising the lights.
I have had the lights down so far I couldn't get in, when I do that I have to make a space and move the tray out to water then put it back. That is, instead of raising the lights which would be much more of a hassle for me.
Sounds as if we are in the same boat Bower! I bought one of those Dollar Store plastic watering cans in the shape of an elephant with a think curly trunk. It can be a bit tricky to use, but what's a little water on the basement floor

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