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I put my plants in web bottomed trays. I now use soil blocks, but I used to use 3.5" pots, but still put them in web trays, which then go into solid trays as long as dripping is a problem. (I start many of my things in the house.) then I found rabbit hutch bottoms at Tractor Supply, which hold two trays nicely with room to spare. I put an inch or so water in those, and rotate my trays needing water through them. Last year I ordered large shallow trays from Greenhouse Megastore which hold four 1020 trays which speeds up watering. I also experimented with using microfiber mats in the trays for improved wicking. It sped watering up by allowing me to dump a measured amount of water into the large trays, and I didn't have to keep moving the trays around. I just got enough large trays to hold most of my 1020 trays, and left them in the large trays with the bottoms lined with the microfiber mats. But again, that's with the soil blocks I now use almost exclusively.
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