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Originally Posted by Ricky Shaw View Post
If you already have T-8 fixtures. These would also help those with issues of trying to keep temps lower when cold treating seedlings. Still, I'd like to see the price come down even if they do last 45 years.

Home Depot

4 ft. T8 22.5-Watt Daylight (6500K) Linear LED Light Bulb
I was intrigued by this link. I was in HD last week, looking at their selection of LED's. They had in-stock Philips led replacement tubes for T8 and T12 fixtures. They were apx. $7.50 each. The only hiccup was that these were designed to use the existing ballasts, and only were listed to work with certain ballasts. Everyone goes into the HD store and knows their ballast number, right? ,

I'm not certain if the other details, but certainly not $68 -EACH-.


Edit: I think this is what I saw from Philips at HD:

That's quite a link...

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