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Originally Posted by decherdt View Post
I missed out on the whole T12 - T8 generation.
I've used a Kill-a-watt and a photometer app on my Pixel to check what systems I have. T5 and LED floods. <--these LED are not what I hoped. d'oh.
I prefer the results of the 12000 lux T5 over the 35000 lux LED flood.

T5 12000 lux

LED Flood 35000 lux
I just went back and took a second look at this... thanks for posting the pic!
Some of my tomato seedlings got switched to the LED after potting up.. and some of those are looking very distressed. None of the seedlings under T8 are showing the same stress. So I am having second thoughts about whether a simple LED shoplight is fine for tomatoes. Maybe just the combination of transplant stress + ??? I could say higher lumens but the light is raised higher to compensate for that. Hard to tease the causes apart, they would be colder because less heat from the lights, spectrum at 4000 K is different, add water to that.. etc.
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