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Originally Posted by bower View Post
LED's are way lighter than T8's too FWIW. Much easier for me to move them around from one setup to another. They are light and have a low profile - the T8 fluorescent has that big ballast hidden in the hood.
IMO though the plants really love that 6500 K wavelength even though they are okay with the 4000K LED I got.... I will be more patient next time and find an LED with the 6500 K which I believe is best for what I'm doing - greens and seedlings.

The pictures you posted are proof positive, thats for sure.

Originally Posted by Ricky Shaw View Post
If you already have T-8 fixtures. These would also help those with issues of trying to keep temps lower when cold treating seedlings. Still, I'd like to see the price come down even if they do last 45 years.

Home Depot

4 ft. T8 22.5-Watt Daylight (6500K) Linear LED Light Bulb

$70 per bulb. Ouch..
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