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After reading some discussions online about T12's vs T8's and others, I decided to replace four of my six very old T12 florescents with T8's. It was a good time to do that as the tubes needed replacing anyway.

Then I read that some folks use two kinds of tubes in one fixture to cover a wide light spectrum so I did that too. Each fixture has a daylight bulb (6500k) and a warm white tube (3000k). Both are 32 watts.

I do believe that the seedlings are doing better but I have noticed I need to check moisture levels a lot more often as the T8's are warmer than the old cool whites I was using.

I also have detected a very very slight leaning of seedlings towards the daylight tube so the trays just get turned around. All in all I'm satisfied. Got everything at Lowes as Home Depot didn't have near the selection. Two fixtures and four tubes plus tax for the first came to $58.67 for the first two sets so I decided a few days later to just go ahead and get two more sets.

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